Logical Or Not So Much

Brodie if you ever read this just read the last bit it’d be easier… ok so i know my logic has always been a bit strange miss mcleod called hannah logic once that was year 5 or 6. anyway i can’t be around Noah whiteout someone else being there because i don’t really know how to talk to him, well i do just like how i talk to other people, its just i can never seem to keep a conversation going with him. also i can’t be around Brodie without someone else either cos he wouldn’t really talk to me if it was just us well i don’t think he would and it would be kinda awkward. so what if Brodie and Noah are together? does that even? i mean its being with one of them when theres another person there? or does it make it even more awkward and horrible? I’m thinking its more the second one… much as id love to be around them more well both of them scared scared weird awkward to be… at least for me anyway they’d probably have no idea what was going on… no one ever has any idea whats going on in my head this is why i have you, oh blog of non judging patience and accepting non-existent readers who understand everything. it feels wrong to like either of them Brodie because, well, he broke my heart… in my head i have maria saying “i think you broke his heart too” yeah i don’t think so that only happens in movies right? and I’m being Loveday “but he let me be lost forever” anyway… the reason I’m not having any of these problems with liking Rueben is cos i just like him he doesn’t know about it and there’s no history with us theres nothing to be worried about happening cos i mean I’ve talked to him a few times and given him a gummy bear so yup totally we’re gonna go off and have hot sex get married and have kids and we will stay together forever so he can unwrap all my lollypops… that wasn’t an innuendo that was a joke with Jess-Steve about how he was gonna asks me out… by offering to unwrap all my lollypops for the rest of my life, ok i know how weird that sound but come on this is me thats writing this and weird is my normal, also at the time Jess-Steve had bought me a lollypop and i couldn’t get the plastic off it and we saw him across the quad and she was like “turtle fat you should get the ear 9 to do it” then the rest of the joke happened… so yeah liking Rueben isn’t weird or awkward or complicated. so yeah Brodie cos he has Her and i shouldn’t like him cos its not good for my life duh… and Noah cos well it makes me feel like a slut… i mean if anything happened with him id be like dating through my friend group i mean i like him and all don’t get me wrong id like to be more than friends but maybe its better to stick to what we have like the whole “we-barely-talk-but-we’re-still-friends” thing its safer and well I’ve never liked taking risks… so THIS IS WHY THEY BOTH ANNOY ME cos duh Rueben doesn’t annoy me… i like them both it is wrong to like them and at some point they have liked me back what annoys me is this… (the human body is programmed to fear pain to keep away from what causes it pain to avoid pain… for this reason we should have evolved, by now to erase memories that cause us mental/emotional pain) i would rather feel nothing than feel something for either of them and mostly because my feelings aren’t the complicated thing its all the history (hence the human body thing)… also cos i told you to read the bottom part I’m adding this… i don’t get the point in couples dps like seriously i don’t get it and also i like naan bread and i wish i could’ve seen your reaction to the dick text and in wondering if i should add you to the connections project…


2 thoughts on “Logical Or Not So Much

    1. you think i fucking care about Her reaction? I DO NOT obviously…. ALSO DO NOT BRING ANYTHING ABOUT Her ONTO THIS BLOG THIS IS A DEVIL FREE ZONE!!! also not so secretly hoping that she actually literally did piss herself because that would be awesome


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