Regurgitated Memories

first fletcher? now cameron? honestly! so last night i had 3 dreams it was kinda one long dream but i woke up in between them… first was going to this big fair thing and there were supernaturals and at the door there mustve been a guy who did a spell or something and anyone who drunk blood at the convention thing became a vampire but if they left without drinking they were fine. there were loads of stalls everywhere along all the walls. i ended up getting a tour lift thing on like a lowered cherry picket thing thats the best way i can describe it and i remember the tour guy was hot i think he was also a fairy or something and we were talking and stuff and i was the only one on the tour, you see where this is going right? so yeah pretty sure we end up kissing whatever but i can remember biting him and i had fangs!! anyway so i bit the hot fairy tour guide dude and then we had to run away and we were going down stairs and stuff and in a cave and through aisles like the ones in spotlight. the guy from the entrance was chasing us and he was like asking two people to come hold this coat and do a magic trick but we managed to get past him and he was really surprised about that and then there was a were chasing us as well and i can’t remember if we got caught ok so second part i ended up being at this school like there were rainbow colour coded desks chairs and wooden boards that the students wrote on and i know i was there because i was a vampire but i didn’t tell anyone that. ms watts was the teacher except she had rainbow hair which was awesome. i was new i knew noting about what the school even taught and there were boys who used the girls bathroom to fill their water bottles and there was a boy he was pretending to be my brother so i wasn’t such an outcast or something and he kinda reminded me of fletcher at the time but now i think about it he was probably more like will and then i remember going up to him and saying he didnt have to pretend to be my brother anymore and i think he said something like good because he’d rather be something else and he was gonna kiss me or something then somehow this leads to the third part which is where cameron comes in we were in the school playground halswell school the front one the by the road patrol lollypops and i don’t really know what we were doing playing tag or something basically all i can remember is cameron getting me to lie down next to him beside the slide off the fort and we lay like pretzel shaped he put his leg over mine and then i hooked my foot back over his ankle and we just lay like that curled up no kissing or whatever. i know i liked cameron and at some point he knew it too sarah said he liked me too in year 7 or 8 but i don’t know if its true. realising that none of my dreams ever have anything more than kissing, good that means my subconscious isn’t a sick minded at the rest of me lol… 4am lovely just lovely I’m probably gonna be awake at 11 again. i dunno what to think about noah right now so I’m not… i hope i have another series of good dreams its been nice… like when i had that one about carter ‘golden boy’ ryder one of the few very few times I’ve had a name to go with my dream boys… pity i haven’t had a dream about Robin…


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