I Give Up On Titles

so yeah no views i guess Brodie decided that he wasn’t gonna look at my not such a secret anymore blog and yeah i dunno how i feel about that really. i guess i wanna see if he’s updated his but that would be kinda an intrusion i suppose especially since he isn’t looking at mine… i wonder if he’ll ever tell Her about it. theres still questions i wanna ask him but it’d be wrong and stupid to.
stupid dreams they never make sense and its never about anything interesting or stuff like if i had dreams about Robin well that would be different but nah thats not gonna happen is it?
i saw my grandma and boy-cousin today when we went to her place they’re the first people I’ve really seen all holidays which is absolutely shit…
facebook is being majorly shitty and not wanting to load anything at all at least mia hasn’t come over again.
i have no inspiration well heres boredom but that isn’t anything to write about


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