BOOKS and Dreadlocks

realising i have two books that my dad lent me. it seems we have more in common than blood which before its sometimes seemed like the only thing that connects us. he watches csi too. honestly its one of my favorite shows ever and i have to say that the new york one is the best. it was i think the first one that i saw maybe but yeah maybe thats also why i have three nyc tshirts even though I’ve never been there but i hope i will one day.
also another book i have is one that mum found for me, one called the craft, its not a novel but its about hair and makeup and it claims to have 25 alternative beauty looks. I’m contemplating temporary dreadlocks… last chance to do it tonight before i get my hair dyed tomorrow and ill have to brush them out… well I’m not considering I’ve done two already and this is gonna take AGEEEEESSSS.
i haven’t watched the secret of moonacre today!!! how could i not? well even though i woke up early i stayed in bed for ages cos i was avoiding mum and rebecca and yeah i can’t be bothered explaining cos I’m gonna do my hair.


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