Well Um…

so much for a new beginning is it strange that a person can become a ball and chain but i suppose its like pregnancy a weight that you don’t mind carrying. this no longer feels like a safe place for me to write and the only person who has ever seen thins knows why they are the reason why. not wanting to be mean but this was my safe place and where my poems i was happy for you to see they were about you after all some of them and yeah brodie I’m talking directly to you no point skipping round it even though I’m not sure if you’ll ever come back on here and see this… violated is that the right word? yes i was ok with you seeing the poems they were shit exaggerated and not in pain english here is not just words its sentences and paragraphs (kidding i don’t do paragraphs) that make actual sense (some of the time) and are about all the other stuff going on in my life and all the stuff behind the ink this is censored only by what i can be bothered writing it doesn’t have the frills and decorations that the ink has but this is real 100% true and i never wanted you to see this not you in particular but anyone at all god i wanted to kill you for finding this i don’t even have the guys to spill my own blood and i keep forgiving you so maybe I’m still a little bit in love agh fuck this is too hard


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