I’m Watching Too Much C.S.I.

If I went missing presumed dead this is what I think would happen:
Question Mum: she seemed happy school was going well I don’t know who would’ve done this or why
Lia: She has issues like with guys and stuff but I don’t know who would’ve wanted to kill her
What boys?
A new guy in her homebase her ex and her bestie who was also her ex
Yashbir: She was sad and angry sometimes but she was ok she was messed up about her ex
What about you, you were involved with her for a while
It was only 2 days and we were friends again she broke up with me
What about her other ex
Brodie she hadn’t talked to him for a while
Brodie: I broke up with her for the third time at the end of June and I haven’t really talked to her since she seemed fine when I saw her sometimes
Three times?
Yeah I broke up with her twice before it ended for good
Jess: She had issues with boys and stuff but she was ok eve though she had been wearing black for like 3 weeks she was like going goth or something
Rebecca: I don’t see her often anymore but she seemed ok last time I saw her
Doug: Hannah?
You know her as Arabella or Bellz
I’ve never met her I don’t know whats going on in her life if you’ve seen the emails then you know all we’ve talked about

Body found (as of current state)

Dressed in black
Two necklaces
Bruises on right upper arm
No defensive wounds
Henna tattoo on right hand not drawn by herself
Blue ink drawing on left hand barbed wire traces of other drawings on the same hand
Small surface wounds on both forefingers
small irritations consisting of scratches and dots around both wrists
Scars on both wrists maximum of 2cm long
No epithelials under nails but silica, and silt clay?

I don’t know who killed me and I don’t know why this would ever happen.


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