I Hate My Life Right Now

So ageing Brodie walked with Noah, Yashbir and I to the bus stop. I mostly ignored him and the rest of the and played my music really loud so I’ve probably damaged my eardrums. When we got to the road where we would either go to the uni stop or the orbiter one, I walked on the orbiter side and I heard Brodie ask which one the others were going to. I was expecting them to go to the uni and I would’ve followed them but Yashbir and Noah followed me, Brodie looked back once. I guess that scored me major points but it really didn’t feel like it because him walking with us had screwed me over so bad. I wouldn’t hug Yashbir and didn’t talk to either of them and just sat on the stairs. Things got really bad after I put both my headphones in and Daria gave me a hug and Yashbir told Noah why I was pissed. It got worse when I put on my hoodie, completely against my usual anything I left my sleeves down, to make it even worse I pulled up my hood. I left up my hood for most of the way home and I went to the library. I dunno I think I might be getting depressed or something.


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