The Wild Typewritten Pages: 6

So In the weekend all I did was watch the fourth season of Merlin and read. My sister also came back from the Boyle and then went to peel forest. I’ve completely finished writing my poem for the poetry slam competition and even if Braden says I have to change something, well, I can’t because I have it mostly memorised and if I change anything I would;t be able to remember it cos thats how my brain works. I can’t really think of anything else I have to say at the moment except for the fact that I saw Brodie way more times than usual today and walked by him a few times which is all more than usual. Also I went to the supermarket with Kat, Sophie and Josh, who had been hanging out with him, and bought a cordon blu (spelling = shit) and that reminded me of him too. I’m over him I’m pretty sure and Noah doesn’t like me or he’s still not sure, well both I guess. I’m an extra positive maybe that I like him but I don’t really care right now.


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