The Wild Typewritten Pages: 5

Today was more or less half the day it should have been, this would be because I only got up at around half past eleven this morning, and then only because Mum had set the washing machine going. There is no way I could pretend to not be woken by that monstrosity that is one wall and less than two metres away from where I lay my head. I stayed up till around midnight last night reading and listening to music. All I did today was watch The Adventures Of Merlin season 4 on DVD and knit my beanie. My sister came home from Boyle River, but really she’d been at the ski slopes in Hamner Springs. She’s only passing through though, staying tonight before she goes to somewhere starting with ‘g’ that I can’t remember the name of. I have much less to wire about during the weekend because I do nothing more than sit around trying to avoid doing jobs. I read, I don’t just sit there. I read a lot actually. I’ve gotten into a really good series, the House Of Night novels and I am almost up to reading the next three books in the series (books four five and six) I’ve read the novellas already and the fledgeling handbook, I had to stop reading the “Nyx In The House Of Night” book because it had spoilers. “Dragon’s Oath” the first of the three novellas had the first chapter written in the space between books and that was a pretty big spoiler, but I guess all the characters you love end up dying, especially in this series.


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