The Wild Typewritten Pages: 3

Yesterday I wasn’t really in the mood for writing anything. So yesterday we finished watching Juno in class, My friend Lia (fabulous gayby, dainty hooker fairy, Lezzer-Bitch McCloskey, my best friend, there’s a lot of history here and a lot of inside jokes and references) cried at the end. I however, almost cried at the start because the first song (All I Want Is You) was the song that Brodie liked and texted me the lyrics to and promised about. So about the slam poetry thing, well I’m looking forward to writing it but not exactly saying it in front of people. Also its about when I was with Brodie so I’m not exactly wanting to do it in front of anyone who will know what I’m on about. I;ve given up on trying to figure out my feelings for Noah and Brodie, there’s more important things there always have been, but I guess I didn’t really care till now, or bother whatever.


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