not really but dan and phil were playing geoguessr and i was like thats a kiwi road
theres the stupid tussocks in the fences and the gravel sides and the cows and the stopplecats and theres mountains everywhere its fucking new zealand man
and then they put in in denver and then i was right
also i found a phone
mum found it first and then i was like maybe i can figure out how to call a person who might know but then like i can’t cos the numbers don’t show up
but i just turned it off and on again and found a text from a name and messaged a lady who came up with that name and is in chch on facebook so i hope hope hope hope that that does something
kinda worried though
like what happens if she doesn’t know???
i dunno mum isn’t home
i got a hug and I’m happy about it
he also wanted to have some of my hair if he couldn’t find anything else to use on a voodoo doll for his photography
like what I’m supposed to be the angry ex
not really but like yeah
i dunno
things are weird
my brain has gone off on one again with the boy

theres nothing to say

kinda tried talking to jarrod today
kinda failed
felted and youtube and thats basically it
chance became a thing
thats great
like really
its wonderful
i don’t have problems
i actually dried and straightened my hair in what feels like forever though it will probably be all fucked up by the time i wake up tomorrow
and got back into watching the huge gta playlist but because its so far back it doesn’t really feel like them anymore though the races were kinda cool like if they did an old school race flashback episode id get behind it
also the shipping has moved again
still not sure how long it will take but its a thing
i know that if i go to faultline this week i won’t have anything to read
which I’m gonna hate and kinda wish i wasn’t there
unless i read old stuff which doesn’t even feel good anymore
i might stop going eventually
i just don’t have anything to say anymore
i think I’ve forgotten how to type
can’t write the report for EFS either because i can’t fucking write reports
i was so sure i was going to pass level two this year but now i don’t know

ok then you fucker

so i found out there was really no rush for me to finish season two of lucifer because whats playing on 1 at the moment is just the second half of season two
like what the shit tvnz what are you on
so turns out that season three comes out in october or there about
it was pretty emotional
his true face tends to make me want to cry and the last scenes in the final
was enough to make me change my desktop picture on one of my home screens
did almost three dreads today
nothing else to say really
jarrod did post a photo with a suspiciously vague and passive-aggressive caption
seriously though he’s like 13 he can’t do that
well he’s 20 but still
year 10 me is also a hypocrite but like???
so anyway jarrods caption was something like i think about her night and day and wonder if she does the same
yeah i dunno probably reading too much into this
might message him
got nothing better to do really
watched a movie with michael cera in it
year one
was weird
didn’t like it too much but it was the kinda comedy that isn’t my kinda thing
das it

hold on to me cos I’m a little unsteady

did art all day basically
saw lily but didn’t know she was coming with a lady to talk about avonmore which actually sounded pretty great and i might consider it for next year or the year after
I’m now kinda obsessed with that song ‘unsteady’ cos it was in an episode of lucifer which I’m watching again and like talk about an emotional rollercoaster
not as bad as that one walking dead episode but yeah
jess is getting kinda shitty again in art
guitar was alright
kinda felt like it was shorter than usual but i know it wasn’t
i wore white jeans
a certain person looked noticeably good today like damn
we rested on the giant jenga blocks on second year boyle camp together
that one
I’m at ten finished dreads now
i want to stop missing brodie

had a day with kitty

she was having a feeling
nothing else really happened
had a little thing about politics and the seating in parliament
i started the exercise thing again from the beginning yesterday
also saw the finn dude on the bus yesterday
this morning i saw the sport institute dude and then in the afternoon i saw conor
very close to falling asleep on the bus
keep forgetting to watch lucifer
i don’t understand how adult relationships work or any in general
id like to but its a learn as you experience thing
going to finish youtube and then see if i can sleep at a more reasonable time

i dunno it went i guess

my art is going in a strange place and becoming a kind of political commentary by someone who doesn’t know much and is also mocking it a little
which might not be that great
kinda need to bring Otis in soon
brodie wasn’t there
becca said george likes her
i need to stop buying food and drink
i can’t quite say I’m going to because I’m not making that promise yet
today was the shortest day of the year
winter solstice as in yule
i started off losing
i kept turning over jessicas cards and jess wasn’t playing
i also got two detentions
basically i was getting fisted for most of the game
until the end where i got some pretty choice trade place squares and a change boyfriends then killed it with like 3 minutes to spare before class
efs was crap i don’t know what we’re doing


lilly was at school and thats when it started wrong
basically went to the supermarket and i got a v like one of the new ish ones the pink spiked punch
its decent actually
then wandered round for ages and i was kinda third wheeling them which sucks cos i know they don’t mean it but its just how it is
then eventually becca and george got there and it was kinda awkward and yup thats it
went back to the girls
and then was like actually the other ones
then ditched class to go to the cafe with george and becca and it was actually pretty great he’s cool and as far as i can tell a pretty decent guy
then it got to the point where was like hey I’m actually enjoying myself with these guys more than i was walking around with lily and jess because i feel like this is actually a even interaction and not just them and me
so lunch with them too went to the supermarket (had already gotten a lift at the cafe) and then got a dr pepper
ended up sitting in the stairs place like the other day and there was still this thing of who is worse me or charles but apparently we need to be together for that to be figured out
and now i know who ben is
the guy i said happy hanukah to the other day
now mutually following on instagram
he’s actually kinda ok a little bit maybe i don’t want to commit to a positive judgement right now
then the girls ended up with us and i kinda chose against them
ended up back at the cafe i kinda crashed and it was alright
walked a little way with just george to the orbiter road and thats it for school
oh and brodie was sick but i couldn’t bring myself to say that i missed him because that would be a little uncomfortable
badly drawn tiny politicians is now a thing
progressing to also badly painted tiny politicians
which are going to have something to do with my art folio
i like them but i don’t know how they fit with any artist model or anything like that
watching season two of lucifer now because season three has just started on tv
nothing else really
hands class again tomorrow but the thing is i don’t want to make him clothes now
or at least not stuff him
and by him i mean Otis

World KIP Day

world knit in public day
there were two things that i forgot to mention in the post yesterday
one was that gabe was at school for whatever reason and his hair has gotten long again which isn’t that great honestly but yeah it was weird to see him without lily and also just to see him back at school and i think the other thing was that steven was on my bus? i don’t know if i said that but i know i forgot two things but can’t be bothered checking the last post
but yeah steven as in director of the school scary in charge guy who thinks I’m a great student was on my bus
went to lunch with dad and had chicken curry on noodles from chop n wok at south city
talked about health problems in the family and csi and he talked about malaysia
then went to the world knit in public day event at the library just after mum had come home from it
got some jewellery things and a t-shirt and some multicoloured dyed merino fibre which will go pretty well with the colours I’ve got at the moment
i need to write a list of the things i need to do but like its hard because i need to write a list to remind me to write the list because it never feels like the right time to write it
i finished the last season and also went thought the special features on both of the seasons i had out and I’m thinking about watching them online but also not really because that would probably stop me from doing productive things like painting
I’ve started one of the merino dreads and it feels a lot better than the corridale I’ve been using and used for my last set but it would also be a whole lot more expensive
ok time to youtube