i had not a great

i did not get to sleep well at all
made a couple things but really wasnt into it
i just really havent had a good day and i dont know why
might be hormones
might be my body freaking out about the last couple days
who knows
just its been shit


i wish things were different (i did have a good day)

went to the exchange and met up with lily
did think i was going to miss the bus and be horribly late but it was fine in the end
i think i need to cut my nails theyre making it feel weird when i type
so im gonna have to ya know make lots of things tomorrow while i die from the sunburn feeling of the tattoo that i got today that i love very much and have put coconut oil on it to help it settle a bit before going to bed
there was a surprisingly good melt on the skin but that the heat of the inflammation
i can only see the tips of one of each of their wings over my shoulder
not sure how i managed to get both tattoos in places where i cant really see them but hey no one else can really either and i think i kinda like that at the moment
then we went to lunch at little high and had pizza
went to riccarton and wandered around for a while then went home
ive been watching ncis of course and am almost finished this season
moving on to lucifer i think
(the whole i wish things were different stuff is about jarrod and wanting to talk to him but not knowing what to say and also not wanting it to be at a bad time or starting talking to him and then the conversation failing because im not able to say anything


i was needing to message laneways about the tattoo and everything obviously and i was just like really not feeling good about it
anyway chronologically
went to donate blood and that went well done my sixth
i can also most likely donate over in the uk when i end up going over there
we went to a few places after like the library in town where i had to get my card updated because im an adult now
which means i can now get out r16 dvds without having to talk to a person.. my card knows im youth but it doesnt know how old so i cant get any kind of semi restricted thing without running it past a librarian first.. well i can now
my new card is purple and i dont like it
both for the fact that its purple and theres change and also because im going to have to memorise a new card number AFTER YEARS AND YEARS of knowing my card number off by heart i now have to learn one all over again
then dennys for lunch (twice in one week!!!) and then to spotlight where i got wool and then to halswell library where i found THE PEAKY BLINDERS SEASON FOUR i mean i know ive watched it already (to begin with i thought i hadnt but still its great that i can watch it again when i want to and i also have season two of lucifer that i need to finish watching and the reat of season seven of ncis to watch
isnt it great
went to work for the first time in ages but thats not so shit when theres no one else around
i hooked the switch up to the tv and played that for a while but its not as fun when its not with anyone else and so i know i can hook it up to my laptop and play it at school should i wish to do so… it would involve some cables and bringing the dock with my but it might be worth it
so im going to get another tattoo tomorrow
with lily
other stuff: i saw dean at the mall yesterday and eyebrow saluted him – jarrod made a post that was worded in a way that it could be about me but who knows….

fairly many moneys

so i have a switch now
thats a thing
i made myself a mii
and i know i can get very carried away with creating them so i made my one and then a random one called richard who is just a meme but not to much like minis and then i showed mum and she asked if i could make her so i did
i cant fucking win though
its also weird to be able to play while not holding the screen like i was literally playing with my arms off the sides of my bed it was mental
anyway it was a thing ya know
went to the bank at ricc and yeah that was about it
still havent got the design from laneways but like im booked in in a couple of days so they kinda gotta do it soon
donating blood tomorrow

was decent

idnt really do much
ok maybe i did stuff
made two clay things one im not really happy with but its passable and the other is a more like generic shaped wax burner
i played a couple of my other games for my ds and i can get rid of four of them and counting them as tradeins towards the switch tomorrow
i was up till like five and i dont know why
i mean i havent really done much in aged and yeah tomorrow im gonna have to go out but like eh
i should probably talk to jarrod
kinda maybe wanna skype and also find out whats gone on with that girl he met and was going on dates with not that its really my business
havent got the designs from laneways yet
ive started french knitting again
i read a book it was a good book and i want to get the next one on hold but i think i get charged for holds now that im older
thats no good
might watch more ncis tonight but probably wont
so yeah i guess i actually did some things


so beginning maybe not so great but i think that might have been in some way my fault
as in like brodie sent out this snapchat about some concert ticket thing to people and on his story and it had been almost exactly a month since i last said anything to him and also weve still pretty much not at all talked since noahs party
so he sent that and before i opened it got all teared up and whatever because i got hit by this huge fucking weight of how much i missed him being in my life and then it was shitty because it was the most impersonal thing so i sent a shitty reply of ‘a month for that’ and then i got a beautiful (he looked fucking shit) selfie saying happy birthday ages after
then whatever dad texted me and i topped up my phone to reply
had breakfast and scones and opened food presents from mum and rebecca and then went to the wingeing pom for lunch
went to south city mall to go to eb games about the switch and then to a book shop where mum bought me a lonely planet book about great Britain and travel stuff and sights to see there
i got a micro sd card from the warehouse
left home to go to dennys at the same time that aunty joanne came in the street to deliver a present
the blood bank called and i booked the appointment for that early on the thursday because im not sure what day i ended up being penciled in for the tattoo
theres also good news and bad news
the good news it i havent gone off lift after all
and the bad news (for my bank account) i havent gone off lift after all
jarrod sent me a really sweet message for happy birthday and oneday meeting up
ethan has been nice and i stole one of his photos for my phone background because it was so awesome
thats abotu it really
definitely better than some of the birthdays ive had

final day (making the playlist in advance)

i made two things today and im not really happy with them they are outside of the three shapes i kinda got used to though and its not actually so bad but like considering i went a week and a half without making anything i think its not so bad
listened to the loudmouths podcast during and then ran over that time and went to the i think million subs video that smii7y did for the rest of the time
ive been watching NCIS season 7 for the rest of the time to continue on from the dvd i had out from the library
i need to clear up my desktop or something
made a legless long eared rabbit needle felting and that might be for ethan who knows
if the duck doesnt anything tomorrow im going to be a little mad same goes for charles
laneways messaged me saying that they’ll get the designs to me asap which was nice that i didnt have to message them first
im going to watch the rest of this episode and maybe another then switch back to youtube
i want to get a good sleep and you know actually wake up in time to have my birthday and that
and not actually stay up late enough to turn 19 while im awake
as in 3:15 because that is not a good sleep

early birthdayyyyy

so i had a huge panic on the way there
i was painting all morning which was fine but i was almost late to the place because it turns out that the countdown next the the exchange doesnt do top ups cos theyre dicks
then yeah it was good we had a good catch up and even though rose had to leave early we all had a good time i think
i walked home from the domain again which would have been less shitty if i hadnt been wearing that fucking skirt but its all good
maybe im going to watch the rest of decline and fall but also maybe gonna binge youtube
my neck is fucking sore and wont click
i love my mates
i need to message laneways and make stuff outta clay tomorrow
and like read a book or somehting

there is no dirty mermaid

the colour was shit
like didnt come up
could be because it was mixed with a different dye could have been the treatment i mixed in with it could have been that it was going in on already coloured hair but it was so weak and didnt even stain my skin worth mentioning so lets go with im not using lime crime unicorn hair again like ever in the near future
i do have a whole bunch ofdifferent dyes to maybe try out on my wishlist on the beserk website which is gonna be interesting to see if i actually end up doing it
mum and rebecca had neither realised that when i said we were going to dennys for tea on my birthday that i actually meant the four of us which has been worrying me but its worse now that i know that they hadnt noticed
i dont want it to be just a normal day but i also dont want to be doing nothing the whole day
seems like dad and i were the only ones who kinda got what was going on
the chimp is now attached to the chair and i dont know

pirate day

so two years later and i was doing pirates day again
this time with a different set of dreads
same shirt same corset
i climbed a fucking rope pyramid in a fucking corset
it wasnt so bad except for the fact that i have a soft stop for bad kids
yeah ran captains coming and helped with the tug-of-war and my team won
judged the map drawing thing
put out clues for a treasure map
ran after the kids as they rushed off to the sand pit and then facilitated the digging of treasure
and then took my dreads out
got moneys for it though
the hair dye arrived
gonna do that tomorrow
trent had a nice wee talk with me about my hair and he said he would protect me with his gun in the treasure