but the wifi is running out so im not happy about that
im also not very happy that liv forgot that we were supposed to be meeting up today and tok a longer shift at work
and im not happy that i messaged into the group chat asking when and where we should be meeting for christmas in the park but no one replied to me
and not happy about having to email people about shifts
did spend hours figuring out tiny house stuff for me though
that was a bit ok
and i do not use that word lightly
i havent started
i dont know what that sentence was going to be
lunch with dad tomorrow
i want to see emails from verve because it means i have work but i also dont want to see emails from verve because it will mean i am going to work and im going to have to email people adn hang out with people who arent my friends


message me back bro

this aint even about a guy for once
i need validation still tho
liv needs to message me back to confirm tomorrow cos otherwise its all gonna be shit
also lily needs to message me back on instagram cos thats the only way i can keep in touch with her now
have now got a vair spensive ring from grandma
i dunno
the bite is still being a dick
maybe it bit a cat first and now im dying

SPL meeting 2

bunkroom 5
the bite on my arm is really bad and weeping
my headphones started freying or coming undone at the jack end and now trying to seal it with top coat
messaging rebecca feels weird
like being a normal human
yeah to the meeting and talked to holly and went and bought a shirt and finally after 7 years some togs bottoms that will actually fit properly and i wont feel shit about wearing
missed the stream but like half an hour at the end but really missed it by three hours
going to the thing at aunty joannes tomorrow
there might be a poetry catch up on sunday
seeing liv on friday
i dont know


i had another dream that i was like ill rememebr to write it in my post later
nope i forgot
also gear lists right
mum got sent my one for the glenroy camp like excuse me i am 18 years old send me my own fucking list thankyou very much
(in a very ranty mood allow me)
rain coat – no fuck off i havent work a raincoat in seven years fuckoff do i need one now am i dying of pneumonia right now? no have i ever died of pneumonia? no
towel – fuck you im going to air dry
sleeping bag – i do not need to be reminded
personal medication – i dont think that includes alcohol but in year nine tash and them might have misinterpreted that
insect repellant – literally the only thing on that list i might agree with because if i get bitten i might actually kill myself or someone else
i just burped and threw up a little in my mouth
so i actually might kill myself now
i did even get bitten last night and now theres blood on my ceiling because i killed it
brodie died
as in is in hospital because hes an idiot
but like dead
loghann wont be at the thing for christmas in the park shes working

he says moneys like i do its great
i have a not date with noah its great

old blood

and by old blood i do actually mean old blood not some metaphor
its just the issue will late cycles isnt it
there was something that i had in a dream that i had to remember to write down but wouldnt you have guessed it I forgot
i couldnt get into my tumblr last night
went back to normal work
i hate emailing
im going to have to take out my braids real early wednesday or take out all the bands the night before
mum was out till half nine and i had that same kinda thing that happened when she was away for mothers day

weird dreams return

its been a while since ive been able to remember any of my dreams and the one last night was pretty wack
i know there was different worlds like there was in the flash and that in those worlds which i think i had been to there was this guy who was kinda weird like a freak kinda guy who may have been violent and murderous but he came to me in the world i was in (after i had adopted a weird lion wolf bird thing that had migratory ran with its parents and there were a group of us school children who may or may not have been supernatural kids and they told us not to keep them but the people who did were noticing that once we’d gotten to the place we had been walking to they had kinda shriveled and died and so had mine but i didnt want it to be killed and chucked in a pile with the other ones so i kept patting its head and talking to it and it woke up and started feeling better)(there was a huge mall which also could have been the school but it had shops in it so idk? kinda like the one we went to in queenstown maybe which i had been walking around with mum when he approached me) when he started talking to me i had flashbacks of him being a freaky violent dude in all the other worlds and he said it was because he was keeping me safe or scaring me out of those worlds to get me to this one and he wasnt like really fucking attractive but i remember that there were some points where i was like shit hes actually kinda cute and others where i was like nah i dont like his face (kinda like with brodie and noah?) and i think we may have ended up getting together but unfortunately that all i could remember
i cant wait til its possible to record dreams and watch them back

other than that i managed to get down to just under 15 minutes with a spartan even though i worked last night and didnt work out yesterday because of it
samantha messaged me just out of nowhere asked if id talked to becca
braided all my hair into tiny braids

dead on my feet

waited for rebecca to take me to the library
printed the paperwork off
got reary
was scared
met the people at the vines jamal rogan sean michelle steph the old guy and eventually nicky
it was fine carried round plated of canapes and now my arms hurt
had been standing for basically six hours
eventually went on a break looked at the cows and michelle came to see if i was ok
had a coke and talked to her and later a bit sean about school and what its like as a special character place
there was the lads table outside where they all wanted to eat and eat
they said shit like you’ve made our day bringing food around and always puts a smile on our faces and one guy even said thanks mum
scraped plates clean
im pretty shit at clearing tables and also not great at going round and clearing glasses and empty bottles but i can scrape plates and offer bruschetta and asian platters
at the end of desert when there were people milling one of the guys i walked past said wanna go on a date and i just smiled at him and kept walking
it’ll be fine to go back
nicky gave me a hug as i left and
i havent worked out
noah says he’ll message me when he’s free and i hope he doesnt forget
i have to figure out what dates i can work in december
cos i cant work 25th this month cos im going to christmas in the park
i havent even touched youtube today

too many moneys but too late i spent it

so yeah i spent money
on a sidemen hoodie the crest logo one
in black of course
sent an email to Nicky and managed to then get tha paperwork because i asked rebecca about it
yeah shes home
and she said that mum hadnt been right in saying that i shouldnt ask for the paperwork and just go in saturday without it
now i have to go to the library with rebecca tomorrow because i dont know how to print stuff there
fucked around with carving the back and arm bits off the grey sculpy gargoyle i had made aged ago and now he’s a little bit dead like all that remains of him is just a head and then ive put the modeling paste over him and i dont know what im going to do but yeah somethign might happen with him
got stuck with food again thats great
might message noah about catching up

ok yeah i messaged him and i feel like shit
i think ive figured out a way to make it less scary to message people like when theyre offline and oyu can then just nope out of the page and be like thyere offline i dont need to wait and expect a reply any time soon whatever it can wait
but then also with using chrome now i get notifications when i get a message

just waiting for that email

i need the paperwork to be sent though because im stressing about it but mum is telling me that it doesnt matter and I’ll just be able to do it whenever but i also dont want to turn up and go hey i was supposed to have paperwork but it didnt get sent through to me so i just turned up anyway without trying to fix up
it just feels wrong
i watched hunt for the wilderpeople though and it was real kiwi
ive decided that if i can talk to mr topham then i can talk to anyone as a waitress
i dont know what else really
i was woken up at half seven by a sparky who needed the key to the tiny house but thats about it
went shopping and managed to eventually get all the clothes i need for saturday
went to the body shop and luke the dude there was great and did my foundation colour match and it was cool bit awkward but cool


this time its in capitals because it happened
and im not mad about it even though it didnt go as ashy as i had hoped and is still pretty warm toned because the red wouldnt just DIE like it was supposed to (that wasnt in caps because it was a pun because i didnt intend it to be a pun its in caps because im kinda pissed at it)
so yeah my roots are almost black but will wash out lighter and then the rest is like a redish and dark brownish thing
i dont hate it and its the best they could do
took a bit over two hours though
basically all i did all day
i love how the restaurant that has a place on the first floor and the second floor at riccarton mall have two different contact numbers
theres chinese places there so its hopefully gonna be good now that im pretty off general fast food places except nuggets from mcdonalds
might leave it till tomorrow to ask noah if he’s still keen to do maybe food and a movie or something?
at work there was a kid who had dropped a log on his foot and i made him a milo and it was pretty great given the fact that he was a kid and i dont like kids